Mountain Warfare

Mountain Warfare

Mountain Warfare School is a two-week course taught by the Vermont National Guard at Ethan Allen Firing Range in Jericho, Vermont.

Both a summer and a winter phase are offered. The training is designed to make you an expert in mountain operations. Mountain Warfare School is both physically and mentally demanding.

Training is non-stop, 15 hours per day, for 14 days

 If you can carry a 65-pound rucksack up to five miles per day in mountainous terrain and are competent with both day and night land navigation you may have what it takes to complete this intense training. A further outline of the course can be found below.


  • To provide SQI "E" Training for ARNG, USAR & AC.
  • To develop and conduct training for the Department of the Army in basic and advanced mountain warfare and cold weather skills and tactics to be employed by combat units during all climatic conditions.
  • To train supported units in mountain warfare and cold weather skills; to provide technical assistance and advice to supported units in the conduct of mountain operations.
  • To train, equip, and maintain a high angle mountain search and rescue team.


Throughout the course of history, armies have been significantly affected by the requirement to fight in the mountains. With approximately 38 percent of the world.